Social exclusion increase as evictions do and the right to housing, established in the Autonomic Statute, is now in question. Thus, and in synergy with policies that have been developed from the Andalusian Autonomic Government, defensive of the right to housing in the framework of the Law 1/2010 and the new one just approved Law of measures to ensure social function of housing, in the context of the Decrees and official documents, public and private, that deal with the problem became necessary the debate and research to make it possible the definition of legal proposals integrating different aspects: legal, economical, geographical, social, architectonical and energetic, will allow our community to continue being leader in the definition of housing policies. Our autonomous community is suffering actually specially regarding housing and building the impact of the economical national and international crisis.

The initiative legislative approved and the proposals of improvement are now more necessary than ever.

El presente proyecto de investigación se enmarca en la promoción de las políticas públicas que se llevan a cabo desde la Junta de Andalucía en materia de edificación y vivienda, y se vincula a las siguientes líneas prioritarias de la convocatoria, de la que trae causa:

  • Promoting studies and research for the development of accessibility policies in the field of housing that contribute to social cohesion and provide the improvement of life quality for citizens.
  • Development of studies and research related with “sustainable building” as strategic line define by the PAIDI (Andalusian Plan of research and development and innovation) in the area of competencies of the Building and Housing Counselling.
  • To improve the processes of building and preservation applying new technologies in building.
  • Improving efficiency in energy consumption in building processes and the production of renewable energy in building.

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