Justificación de Proyecto

Economic and building crisis will prove the capacity of new housing legislation to offer answer to structural problems going beyond political and economic situation. The context in with this project is developed will be changing and of great relevance for the future of the administrative intervention in housing in our country. Information provided by public entities and financial entities make us aware that devoting efforts and research is necessary to reduce impact of economic crisis.

To reach their objectives this project aims to analyse existing methods and propose new legislative techniques, measures and reforms that, considering how these problems have been addresses in other countries, will allow creating a forum where citizens may find answer and support to the economic situation of fragility they care about.

The team that will develop this research will apply an interdisciplinary and international perspective.

Innovative aspects of the project

In the innovative and development aspect, the research will carry out:

  • the development of a web site about the improvement of access to housing and rehabilitation integrating the database in law and jurisprudence in urban rehabilitation and housing focused in Andalusia.
  • The running of a research forum in techniques of improvement of housing accessibility in Andalusia like a “think tank” on the subject.
  • The making of materials, like books, digital recurrent publications and working sessions and seminars during the project and when finishing to put ideas in common and to debate about the conclusions obtained that permit to propose new solutions to the reform of legislation according to social demands and new economic scenario.
  • Finally, we will devote time to analyse the impact of energetic efficiency in housing since the entry into force of the legislation elaborating a state of art in question that will allow us the comparison with another countries not only in Spain but also in the international context with special consideration to North American and European Laws.

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