The objectives established from a standpoint interdisciplinary and international (considering the globalization process).

Considering the Ground State Law and the modern regional legislative developments, to analyse and identify interactions between urbanism (and urbanism law) and housing (and right to housing and of housing) in the framework of the city rights and proposing those improvements in legislation and specially in public management that allows developing more effective and efficient public policies in favour of citizens rights, comparing both European and international level.

Taking into account the designs of national housing plan and Andalusian housing plan, the impact that now has on them the economic crisis considering international references in the field.

Researching the right framework for the development of adequate effects in public policies targeted to housing rehabilitation with urban renovation.

This will involve the analysis of a group of technical legislation in Spain (some of them not used or not considered) using as starting hypothesis the fact of similarities with the legislation used in the countries of our environment from the perspective of coordination and cooperation among different levels of power with competencies in the field (national, regional community and local entities) and collaboration with the private initiative in the framework of the new urban governance.

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